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I think Pratima is a magician! She can make anyone look like a 25 year old.

- Nurse

I have been getting monthly facials, all around the World, for more than 15 years. Since I started seeing Pratima at Tranquil Passage a year and a half ago, my skin has never looked better - clear, smooth, and glowing. Pratima is excellent!

- Business Professional (age: 43, but look much younger!)

[Pratima] You are gifted and your dedication to each client shines through in your work.

- Physician

Tranquil Passage is truly a blessing to this area.

- Legal Assiatant

There is ample attention to detail and sincerity. It is an honor to know you [Pratima].

- Teacher

I enjoyed her 3-day Body Rejuvenating Program. Everything was so organized. Pratima is very focused, rhythmic - almost poetic in her touch. My life is now falling in place with a great deal of clarity and less anxiety.

- Yoga Teacher

I enjoyed the Ayurvedic Sampler Program. I have had many many massages, but nothing to compare to this experience.

- Realtor

Her calm, soothing voice, set the stage for a wonderful Mind-Body experience.

- Cancer Survivor

The speaker had a good grasp of the subject and beautifully explained the steps to living an enlightened life.

- Medical Student

The style of her lecture leads one to believe that the speaker represents what she teaches.

-Medical Student

Pratima is knowledgeable, technically superb and offers gracious surroundings and impeccable services. What more could you ask for!


The massage I received was nurturing, soothing and very healing. Pratima is very grounded and present in the treatment. This is very important to me. I appreciate her warmth and caring nature.

-Design Executive

Pratima has put together a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere and facility. Her services provide tranquility and stress reduction that is needed in everyone's daily, busy lives. She gives you a thorough analysis and treatments are tailored to your individual needs. Her training and experience will give your body, mind, and spirit a truly Tranquil Passage. Enjoy!

-Flight Attendant

I have been receiving treatments form Pratima on a regular basis for the past year. She is dependable, produces outstanding results and designs a good home care program. Aging is no longer a worry.

-Business Owner

Pratima is magnificent. The product is excellent. Results are tremendous. Thank you.

-Sales Agent

The touch used during the facial was gentle, never rushed. It was incredibly relaxing.

-Business Executive

The Mini Face Lift Series was incredibly effective. I'll be sending my friends.

-Flight Attendant

No matter what I did my skin looked tired. Pratima's treatments brought about a quick and noticeable change. I am very satisfied.

-Flight Attendant

My acne was embarrassing. I am glad I found you. Now, I beam with conference.

-High School Student

My skin looks wonderful. People compliment me. I want to bring all my business to you.

-Business Owner

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