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Ayurveda: Purifying and rejuvenating treatments enable one to gently cleanse tissue toxins, which impair the normal functioning of ones physiology. Healing follows and a sense of harmony, clarity and alertness is established. A one day sampler as well as 3 and 5 day programs are available. For more details please refer to our special section on Ayurveda.

Aromatherapy Body Massage:
High quality pure essential oils, obtained mainly by steam distillation of various parts of plants are used. Customized blends form the highlight of this very European scalp-to-toes treatment. The energy rebalancing offered, and steam bath, revitalize the body, enabling one to deal more effectively with pressures and today's increased pace of life. A consultation followed by a series of 4 to 6 treatments are useful to address Chronic fatigue, Anxiety, Insomnia, Postmenopausal symptoms and PMS.


Antidote for Stress: Experience a gentle Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki, and Polarity Balancing. A state of deep relaxation is achieved which soothes your mind body and spirit.

Aromatherapy Cascade Treatment: This is a gentle massage technique which helps to relax muscle spasm and is useful for back problems. A series of purifying essential oils are delivered like raindrops and applied with feathering strokes. Also included is Energy Rebalancing, which assists in creating serenity.

Aromatherapy Hot Stone Body Massage: Basalt stones, rounded by flowing river waters are used in this one and a half hour body massage. Exquisite essential oils are applied to the body and muscle tension and pain is addressed using the warm stones. Included is a delightful foot spa, which involves exfoliation done with sandstone, followed by a soothing mask and a deeply hydrating moisturizing cream. The entire experience is grounding and transports you to a place of peace and stillness.

Polarity Therapy Body Treatment: Helps to align body mechanics using the principles of energy flow and vital energy points. The treatment also helps to reduce aches and pains. This is one of the signature treatments of Tranquil Passage and is highly recommended.

Reiki: Reiki means "Universal Life Energy". Elegantly simple but a powerful tool to enhance well being, it brings about balance and harmony and facilitates natural healing at the level of the mind, body, and spirit.

Pregnancy Massage:
Offered with loving care and a great sense of responsibility, this is a very gentle and delightful head to toe treatment much loved by the mother to be. Highly recommended during the entire period of pregnancy it is nurturing and "prana" (life-force) enlivening to the mother and unborn child.

Post Pregnancy Massage: Serves to recharge the whole body and maintain skin tonicity. Many of the movements used aid lymphatic drainage. Included is a wonderful relaxing head massage which calms tensions and balances subtle energies.

Champi: Discover Indian Head massage, which also includes the neck and shoulders. It improves circulation to the scalp, relieves stress, and is extraordinarily refreshing. Chakra rebalancing results in a centered, peaceful state of mind. A wonderful treat, which once experienced is irresistible.

Chair Massage with Hot Stones and Champi: A half hour interlude that leaves you refreshed and feeling centered. A quick way to release stress and enjoy a unique experience.

Traditional Indian Foot Massage: Is a soothing and relaxing treatment that balances the mind and body. Vital energy points on the feet are enlivened and the feet gently wrapped in steam towels.

Ancient Indian Bridal Ritual: Authentic, luxuriously fragrant treatments are performed with auspicious music playing softly in the background. This tradition is believed to bestow good luck to the bride and brighten her aura. The ritual concludes with a blessing ceremony for the bride.

Egyptian Tradition of Cleopatra:
Cream and milk body treatment with prized jasmine aromatic essential oil is regenerating and soothing. Highly recommended to overcome stress and leaves the skin silken soft. Silk gloves are used to enhance lymphatic drainage prior to the body wrap.

Voice of the Heart: One of our signature treatments that generates peace and initiates a spiritual calm. Essential oils are used to address vital energy points, followed by energy rebalancing of body currents. Annointing with sound helps to resolve stressful emotions and crystal therapy offers nurturance. Guided Imagery is settling to the mind, and one emerges in rhythm with harmony.


Five Senses Therapy: The body is bathed in color, sound, aroma/taste, and marma touch therapies. These modalities assist ones awareness to establish mind-body harmony.

The Regal Gift:
Prized in ancient India for its moisturizing and balancing properties, freshly prepared ghee and aromatic essential oils are used in this luxurious treatment. An enjoyable oil head massage (Champi) is included. A steam bath serves to purify and rejuvenate.

Body Scrubs:
Recommended prior to Massage therapy. Dull, dead skin cells are gently exfoliated promoting a revitalized and hydrated appearance.

Salt Glow: Dead Sea Minerals and invigorating aromatic essential oils serve to exfoliate and energize.

Velvet Body Glow: Nonabrasive polyethylene grains and silk proteins in a rich oil of almond, avocado, apricot and sesame, gently exfoliate and prepare the skin for treatments to follow.

Sun - Free Tan with Body Exfoliation: Safe alternative to sun bathing and avoids UV damage. The exfoliation is done first, followed by a self-tanning gel application, to ensure a uniform natural glow.

Body Wraps, Cocoons and Anticellulite Treatments:
Recent advances in cosmetic technology enables us to use active extracts which are very close to our body composition, and therefore are easily assimilated. Products such as satin smooth textured "mud", Marine botanicals, and seaweeds are used to obtain the desired results. A variety of treatments are structured to tonify and firm, decongest and hydrate and address concerns regarding cellulite.

Steam Canopy / Cabinet:
Can be incorporated easily into any treatment. The client rests comfortably, while the head is kept cool. Steam wafts over the body relaxing the muscles and helps to detoxify.

Sound Therapy
: Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls and colors are used to activate ones inherent healing abilities. For more details please refer to our special section on Sound Therapy.

Crystal Therapy:
Specifically faceted Quartz Crystal serves to enliven ones Prana and helps to maintain Mind-Body harmony. For more details please refer to our special section on Crystal Therapy.

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