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Facials - Guinot, Paris

Licensed Esthetician trained in America, England, France, and Beverly Hills, California. Skin Care

We specialize in customized and versatile esthetic skin care. The purpose of a facial is to have the type of deep cleansing that you cannot do at home. Careful analysis of the skin forms the starting point. Specific needs of clients are addressed with specialty serums, plant extracts, masks and other professional products. Recommendations for home care form a crucial aspect in maintaining the results. As this field of work is rapidly expanding and newer technologies are available, we will continue to keep current and add them to our repertoire.

Upon request, treatments are tailored for preparing the skin prior to plastic surgery as well as schedules developed to soothe and enhance healing post-surgery. Thereafter regular participation in a skin care regimen helps to maintain the results obtained. Introduction to a series of educational talks on mind, body and spirit, as early as possible calms the mind and activates ones inherent healing capabilities. This combined approach of Spa therapies coupled with knowledge is nurturing and ensures that the client is in a state of total preparedness to achieve optimal results.

Hydradermie (Ionithermie) Facial: Purifying and oxygenating with exceptional results. An exclusive activation treatment using mild galvanic current which speeds the absorption of the skin care ingredients. The treatment is very adaptable and with specific lotions and gels can be tailored to treat Oily / Acneic skin, dehydration, mature skin, and pigmentation problems and more.

Super Hydradermie (Ionithermie) Facial:
Highly recommended, this treatment includes the face, and exclusive treatments for the eye contour, neck and decollete. Home care with recommended products enhances the beneficial results which unfold revealing a radiant complexion.

Eye Contour: An exclusive treatment that uses an eyelifting serum ampoule to hydrate and smooth expression lines and crows feet. It reduces puffiness and signs of fatigue.

Neck and Decollete:
A firming neck ampoule treatment restructures the tissues so as to achieve a supple, radiant skin especially for those "cut out" necklines as well as for a regular maintenance program.

Ultimo Facial: This is the ultimate facial for Acne with the added feature of Energy Rebalancing to de-stress. Exceptional results are achieved by purifying the skin with a gentle fruit acid peel, followed by a state-of-the-art oxygenating facial which includes lymphatic drainage massage to move impurities. Select gels, lotions, serum creams and masks are used for this advanced skincare facial, which also addresses hyper-pigmentation concerns. The complexion appears brighter and the skin feels smoother – a new beginning.
Energy rebalancing is a much appreciated short segment that induces calm and is de-stressing.
A home care program forms the backbone of Acne care. An individualized program is developed and the client is educated on product usage (Products are to be purchased separately). Regular use of the products results in progressive clearing of the skin.
The end result is luminous skin and a more confident you!

Magnifique Facial: Give this facial a try before botox or surgery. Performed along with Energy rebalancing, the facial produces revitalization of mature skin, resulting in the “wow” factor.
A gentle fruit acid peel, followed by specific eye contour lifting and neck firming ampoules, restructuring cream, and firming face and neck masks form an integral part. The facial modelage and lymphatic drainage, softens the facial contours, smoothes fine lines, and tones the neck.
Energy rebalancing is a much appreciated short segment that induces calm, reduces signs of fatigue and is grounding. You emerge looking younger and more relaxed.
A home care program is essential to maintain the health and vitality of the skin, on a continual basis. Product recommendations are individualized and the client educated on the correct usage (Products are to be purchased separately).
This rejuvenating facial is delightful as well as impressive and nurtures the skin’s elasticity and hydration.

Phytotherapy Facial:
Consists of plant extracts known for their energizing benefits. The massage cream and mask are prepared in the presence of the client using specific combinations for customized effectiveness.

Retexturizing Facial:
Exceptional action of fruit enzyme-acids help to remove surface dead cells and boost cell renewal. The complexion appears radiant and the skin, smoother - a new beginning.

Hyperpigmentation Reducing Facial: The skin lightens and progressively reveals an even tone. A home care program revitalizes the skin and protects it from environmental aggressors.

Anti-aging Face Lift:
More than a simple facial, this is a real energy toning-firming treatment. A firming serum and restructuring cream are stroked on, followed by a heating mask that activates the ingredients. The mask is removed in single gesture followed by facial modellage with a gel serum enriched with firming active ingredients. The result is a visibly firm skin and relaxed facial contours.

Nouveau Aromatic: Utilizes the benefit of revitalizing super concentrates and aromatic extracts. The rubberized peel off mask brings about facial modelage and is a special delight.

Aromatherapy Facial:
Essential oils are used for their energizing and healing benefits. The movements developed improve lymphatic drainage, work on pressure points and alleviate muscle tension.

Mini Spa Facial:
A quick cleansing and moisturizing facial, it is ideal for busy schedules. A relaxing facial massage and mask provide practical maintenance.

European Facial: This customized facial utilizes the gentle purifying properties of fruit acids and essential oils to achieve a radiant glow. The facial massage is rejuvenating and refreshing. Appropriate selection of a facial mask, soothing, decongesting eye mask, and moisturizer leaves the skin deeply hydrated with a unified tone.

Polarity Facial: Enjoy a deep pore cleaning facial and relaxation of the facial muscles using Polarity Therapy. Stress disappears and you emerge revitalized.

Accupressure Facial: Beauty is directly affected by the tension level of the face and neck. Application of gentle pressure on the acu-points along energy meridians, reduces stress and facilitates relaxation throughout the entire body.

Yoga Facial: Serene, comforting and tranquil. Harmony of the Mind, Body and Spirit is achieved in a multitude of ways using sound, crystals, visualizations, customized plant extracts and essential oils.

Hot Stone Facial: Basalt stones, rounded by flowing river waters are used in this hour long facial. An exquisite blend of relaxing aromatic essential oils is applied to the face, followed by a warm stone massage. Muscle tension is relaxed, and stress lines are minimized, resulting in softer facial contours.

Ayurvedic Facial with Energy Rebalancing: Simplicity and purity result in healing and vitality. The cleanser is composed of herbs, roots, and flowers, precisely blended to deep cleanse and gently exfoliate. This is followed by an essential oil massage with Marma Therapy (vital energy Marma points), and the treatment concluded with a moisture cream formulated with "pearl essence" and potent herbal extracts.

Teenage Skin Analysis and Home Care Instructions:
Brief explanation of anatomy of skin and how acne forms. Simple cleansing techniques and basic skin care program is introduced at an early age.

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