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Ayurveda - Mind Body Program

Anti-Aging, Rejuvenating & Purifying

shirodhara (oildrip)Tranquil Passage offers the perfect opportunity to address the whole person. All Ayurvedic healing modalities strive to promote integration and balance by emphasizing the inseparability of mind, body, spirit, and environment.

The Ayurvedic educational talks, mindfulness meditation, Ayurvedic lifestyle concepts and authentic, elaborate Spa therapies all work in synergy. Having acquired self-knowledge, a relaxed mind, and a healthy body, the hair appears lustrous and the skin glows with radiance. The entire concept is restorative and nurturing, enhancing creativity, alertness and the ability to remain focused, all desirable features to be successful in every walk of life.

Balance Lifestyle Consultation: Helps you restore harmony within and tap into your body's inner intelligence and creativity. The Lifestyle Consultation is comprehensive, runs for an hour and seeks to introduce new insights and accelerate personal growth. Your Mind-Body type is determined via a questionnaire, following which we develop individualized daily and seasonal routines, and suggest broad food guidelines to create balance. Adhering to these routines tunes your body to natures' rhythms, thereby reducing stress and fatigue. Practical Techniques include vital life force enlivening exercises, and breathing exercises.

Home Self-Care: Recommendations are provided to extend the program into the comfort and convenience of your own environment. Home remedies and recipes are suggested.

Mindfulness Meditation: Is the vehicle used to discover the unlimited potential of the mind in the healing process. Those desiring more detailed instructions on meditation are guided through the steps on an additional time basis. Please refer to our special section on Meditation.

Rejuvinate and PurifyRejuvenating and Purifying Body Treatments: Form the crux of the cleansing process and are highly recommended to relieve chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. A one day sampler, as well as 3 day, and 5 day package programs have been developed for your convenience.

Sheel (rock) Abhyanga: An ancient technique where dosha specific herbalized oils are used in conjunction with warm river rocks. The process liquefies tissue toxins for excretion, resulting in purification.

Ayurvedic Facial with Energy Rebalancing: Simplicity and purity result in healing and vitality. The cleanser is composed of herbs, roots, and flowers, precisely blended to deep cleanse and oxygenate. This is followed by an essential oil massage with Marma Therapy (vital energy points) and the treatment concluded with moisture cream formulated with "pearl-essence" and potent herbal extracts.

Ancient Indian Bridal Ritual: Authentic, luxuriously fragrant treatments are performed with auspicious music playing softly in the background. This tradition is believed to bestow good luck to the bride and brighten her aura. The ritual concludes with a blessing ceremony for the bride.

Yoga Facial: Serene, comforting and tranquil. Harmony of the Mind, Body and Spirit is achieved in a multitude of ways using sound, crystals, visualizations, customized plant extracts and essential oils.

: Discover Indian Head massage, which also includes the neck and
shoulders. It improves circulation to the scalp, relieves stress, and is extraordinarily refreshing. Chakra rebalancing results in a centered, peaceful state of mind. A wonderful treat, which once experienced is irresistible.

Padabhyanga: This traditional Indian Foot Massage is a soothing and relaxing treatment that balances the mind and body. Vital energy points are enlivened and the feet gently wrapped in steam towels.

Garshana: Silk/Cotton gloves create gentle friction and increase circulation.

Herbal Dusting Methods: Specific herbs are applied topically to balance doshas.

Abhyanga: Traditional herbal oil massage for rejuvenation and settling dosBody Treatmenthas.

Shirodhara: Warm oil is dropped in a continuous stream on the forehead leading to profound relaxation.

ShiroAbhyangaNasya: Treatment for head, neck and sinus.

Hot Towel Therapy / Swedana: The client rests comfortably, while the head is kept cool. Steam wafts over the body relaxing the muscles and helps to detoxify.

Especially for women: Body treatments are nurturing during pregnancy and restorative as well as strengthening after delivery. Body treatments can be tailored to minimize PMS, bring about a smooth induction into premenopausal years, and have a calming influence during menopause. We would like to create awareness regarding these modalities so that they can be utilized synergistically to gain maximum benefit.

Infant Massage Instructions: An ancient tradition from India, it is excellent for mother-child bonding. Benefits for the baby are establishment of regular sleep cycles, decrease in colics, improved developmental milestones, and more. Please refer to our special section on Infant Massage.

Ayurvedic Herbs: Premium-grade herbal supplements support home self care and help to purify and rejuvenate. The products are all natural, pesticides free, and are not tested on animals.

Educational Talks: Please refer to our special section for more information.

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